Where You Belong

On property, guests will find the relaxing, club-like ambience and genuine, heartfelt hospitality they have come to treasure - presented in a glowing new environment of unequaled elegance and beauty envisioned by Amin Destinations Ltd.

Superbly planned and scaled gardens, both Amin Casa and Amin Cielo provides a stunning setting for memorable relaxation throughout.

These beautiful resorts offers luxury  bungalows with one bedroom, bungalows with flexible two bedrooms and the premier and historical residence of Gloria Swanson featuring two bedrooms.

Explore the cultivated grounds as you will join a select, sociable circle of interesting, accomplished travelers, with whom you will share a casual conversations, lighthearted laugh, fascinating discoveries in the days to come.

The Amin Destinations Difference

• Unrivaled Service

• Intuitive, gracious service provided by a staff passionate about pleasing our guests.

• Amin Destination residences and bungalows are thoughtfully appointed and inviting, designed as your home away from home with room to unwind or entertain inside or outside.

• Most residences and bungalows are furnished with fully functional kitchens complete ready for your enjoyment or entertaining.

Welcome to your home away from home.

Everything you’d expect from Amin Destinations and more.

Defining the Word  "Amin"

The word "Amin" means "ours" in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. The word "Casa" comes from the latin word "home." The word "Cielo" comes from the Spanish word "heaven" or "paradise."

Amin Casa translates into "our home."

Amin Cielo translates into "our heaven."

Enter the "heavenly paradise" of AMIN CIELO

Amin Cielo is another Amin Destinations Resorts just minutes south of downtown Palm Springs. Incomparable Classic Palm Springs architecture in a luxurious estate setting.

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Amin Casa

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Welcome to the World of Amin Destinations Ltd.

Amin Casa Palm Springs, CA
Amin Casa, Palm Springs, CA